Hoping for Reconciliation

Flowing with adrenaline from the opening ceremonies to the Olympic Games in Bejing in these early morning hours, I cannot sleep.  I turn instead to the comfort of music and prayer.  Now that I am alone with space to reflect, I recall the beauty of more than 200 nations represented by more than 11,000 athletes—what diversity of talent, culture, language, and location!  And we come together to compete as brothers and sisters, as humans.

Reconciliation.  During the summer and winter games I am inspired by the courage of athletes.  I am also inspired by the spirit of the games.  And now tonight, it hits me—reconciliation.

On this night of world unity I am reminded of the lack of unity in my own family.  But, there’s hope.  There’s hope for reconciliation of twin brothers who have not spoken in a decade.  Today my dad mailed a letter to his brother, after I suggested so yesterday.

It’s been a long time coming.  I saw my uncle at a wedding recently.  It was so good to see him again.  They both said similar things to me about wanting to talk to the other.

My tears tonight are shed in grief for lost relationship, but hopeful for reconciliation. May brothers be reconciled!  Oh God, may this be so!